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In the spring of 1929, Forrest H. Knox embarked on a new career that would ultimately impact his family for at least the next three generations. As he walked the streets of Atlanta, his leather satchel in hand, and filled with roach powder and mice bait, young Forrest sold and serviced those initial pest control accounts that would serve as part of the foundation for what would become a successful fourth generation pest control company. KNOX PEST CONTROL was born.

Joining his brother Roy, the two brothers soon had a thriving pest and termite control business. With a philosophy of “it is not who you get as a customer, it’s who you keep as a customer,” quality service became the motivating force behind customer acquisition and retention. Forrest’s son, Jim, began his career in 1945 helping on termite jobs and sitting the night watch on fumigation jobs at the age of fifteen. With the business growing rapidly, Jim was moved to Columbus, Georgia, in 1952 to oversee an emerging new territory that would one day become the “home office” for all of the KNOX PEST CONTROL operations. Jim’s son, John, who joined the business as a fifteen year old termite helper would later graduate from Wheaton College and Samford University’s Cumberland Law School, and then rejoined the family business in 1975. John’s oldest son, Justin came on full time in 1997 after graduating from Troy State University. Sean, the younger brother, joined the business in 2000 after graduating with a BBA from Georgia Southern University and his MPP from the Robertson School of Government at Regent University in Virginia. With the addition of both Justin and Sean, KNOX became one of the very few fourth generation pest control firms in the country.

KNOX PEST CONTROL is one of the largest pest control companies in the southeast, serving Georgia, Alabama and North Florida, South Carolina and Mississippi. KNOX is a full service pest and termite control company, meeting the needs of both commercial-industrial, and residential customers.

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Our family serving your family since 1929