In most states the local building code requires you to have a structure treated for termites as it is being built. This is called a termite pre-construction treatment. What type you get is usually determined by your builder who does business with various termite companies.

Pre-construction termite treatments are available when you are ready. This way the structure owner can feel confident the structure will not have to undergo a termite treatment with-in the first year of ownership. It is very disruptive for new owners to be surprised with a $1,000 bill to treat your home or building for termites.


When do I call for treatment during the process of building?

Five Easy Steps

  1. Form up the slab, ensuring all form work and grading is complete.
  2. Put in the wire.
  3. Give us a call. We will deliver the chemical termiticide to your foundation. A good liquid pre-construction treatment should last about three to five years.
  4. Be sure to call before pouring any porches or attached slabs, as these are critical areas to protect from infestation.
  5. We will perform the perimeter treatment at the end, which is the most important step.

All necessary trips are included, as is the first year of warranty protection.

Green Termite Pre-Treatments

Ask about our pre construction bait systems and if you would like a green termite pre-treatment ask about our Boracare treatment.

Spot Treatments

If you are a builder and you have progressed past the point of having a Termite Pre-treatment done, we offer a reduced price that will easily fit your budget for repeat customers.


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