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Knox has been serving contractors and builders for decades. We will meet the builder at the job site and treat the ground before the slab is poured.  This is not only a building requirement but it also provides top notch protection against termites.  Call to schedule you pre-treatment with Knox today.

When do I call for treatment during the process of building?

Five Easy Steps

  1. Form up the slab, ensuring all form work and grading is complete.
  2. Put in the wire.
  3. Give us a call. We will deliver the termiticide product to your foundation.  A good liquid pre-construction treatment should last about three to five years.
  4. Cover the treatment and do not disturb before pouring concrete. Be sure to call before pouring any porches or attached slabs, as these are critical areas to protect from infestation.
  5. We will perform the perimeter treatment at the end, which is the most important step.

All necessary steps are included, as the first year of warranty protection.

Slab Treatments

We provide a host of pre-construction services for your concrete slab type foundation. Once the builder fully prepares your foundation for concrete application, we will apply a protective barrier of high quality termiticide to the soil that will be underneath the slab. This will effectively protect the home from termite infestation even if cracks occur at a later time. Termites can enter cracks as thin as a sheet of paper.

Once poured and finished, we will return and place a full barrier around the outside of the slab, as well as underneath any attached patios or porches.  This will provide your new building with a full complement of protection.

We also have other options available for particular situations such as Borate type treatments and Bait Stations. The pre-treatment is one of the most important treatments for any home, and we are committed to performing it in a way that we would have it done on our own home.


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