Many home and business owners are not aware that in Georgia and Alabama, the average number of termite colonies per acre is 13 or more. There are, on average, 1.6 million termites per colony. Homeowner’s insurance will not cover termite damage. Annually, termites cause more damage that fires and floods combined.
With these facts in mind, we have a variety of treatment methods to protect your already built structure from infestation from these insidious creatures.
These treatments are known as post-construction termite treatments.

A comprehensive post construction treatment can be done usually in one day, and access to the inside of your home would be minimal, if required at all.
We begin by drilling small, ink-pen sized holes a few inches from any wall that has concrete slab attached to your structure. These holes are 12 inches apart, and about three inches from the wall. This allows termiticide to be applied in a continuous barrier below concrete driveways, walks, patios and garages.

Next, we dig a narrow trench beside any walls that have soil next to them. This trench is no more than 6 inches wide. We apply termiticide in these trenches to create a continuous barrier of treated soil all the way around your structure. This will ensure that any foraging termites will have to encounter treated soil before making entry into your home or business. All holes will be patched and all trenches covered over.

Should you have termites in your structure already, additional drilling may be necessary around the structure or inside at the point of infestation. Foam termiticide products are sometimes utilized inside wall voids to enhance the treatment.

If your building is on a crawl space, we will treat around the outside as described above, as well as under the crawl space around pipes and piers.

Our technicians have a long history of experience in the technical aspects of building construction as it relates to proper termiticide application. We know how, where and when to apply the correct amount of products to get the job done without causing harm to your family, customers, animals and the environment.

No matter what your situation, Knox Pest Control has the tools, knowledge and experience to resolve even the most severe termite related problem.