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Bug Proof Your House for Fall

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The leaves are changing and the temperature is finally dropping -- that’s part of the beauty of fall. What is not so beautiful in the fall, however, is all of the BUGS!

The cooler temperatures mean the creepy crawlers are starting to look for places to stay warm and nest for the winter. Even though we usually think of summer as the most bug-filled season, fall will actually bring them into our homes! To insects, your warm and cozy home is their golden ticket as the temperature drops.

What can you do to bug proof your house?

Be Proactive: Stop the Bugs Before They Invade Your Home

In the South, bugs such as cockroaches, stink bugs, wasps, and spiders begin to seek refuge once the temperatures drop. Being proactive and addressing the pest control issue before it happens will not only save you money, but prevent further pest invasions. Don’t let your home be victim to the insect invasion this fall, only fake spiders are allowed for Halloween decor!

Here are a few tips you can use to prevent unwanted guest from entering your home this Fall.

  • Call Knox - Give the professionals at Knox Pest Control a call and stop your bug home invasion before it starts. Making an appointment to have your home inspected before winter sets in will give you peace of mind that your home is secure and pest-free. (And can remain that way in months to come.)
  • Watch What You Bring Home - Having a warm fire on a cool autumn night is idyllic. However, the pests that can be hiding in your firewood are not so friendly visitors. Be sure to examine items like firewood and kindle before it enters your home.
  • Remove Excess Water - Not only are insects seeking out a warm spot to hang out, but they also need water to drink, or procreate. By checking around the interior of your home, attic, basement, and surrounding yard for standing water, you can prevent insects from seeing your home as the local watering hole.

Choose Knox for Your Pest Control Service

Service the Southeast has trusted for 85 years, Knox Pest Control is a name you can trust.

As mentioned in the Newnan Times-Herald, Knox Pest Control was recently awarded as one of the finalists in the Coweta’s 2018 Small Business of the Year. Not only is customer satisfaction always guaranteed at Knox Pest Control. We provide full-service termite control, pest control, and wildlife prevention you can depend on and trust to keep your family safe.

Contact us to learn more about our special offers and to schedule your home inspection today.