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The fall season ushers in the beauty of fall foliage and cooler temperatures.

The fall season ushers in the beauty of fall foliage and cooler temperatures.  However, not all fall activity comes with positive expectations and one of those activities is the arrival of fall pests. Seasonal changes bring a variety of challenges, and the fall season is no exception. Among those challenges are pests commonly referred to as fall invaders.

While there is an abundance of fall invaders, they can be grouped into two categories: ground invaders and flying invaders. The ground fall pest invaders include crickets, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants, centipedes, millipedes, and ground beetles. The second category is flying invaders and includes fruit flies, boxelder bugs, lady beetles, stink bugs house flies, and cluster flies.

Many of these pests are much more than simple nuisances. They contribute to the spreading of diseases and cause contamination to products. Stink bugs for example will emit a distinct odor from their scent glands when disturbed, which will likely happen if you try to remove them from a structure


Consider the following fall pest prevention tips:

  1. Thoroughly inspect the outer perimeter of all buildings and remove any debris that could provide attractive hiding places for pests.
  2. Examine all windows, doors, and foundations for any cracks, keeping in mind that pests can gain access through the smallest of openings. Seal and caulk all cracks and repair or replace all damaged screens and windows.
  3. Eliminate clutter in storage rooms and basements. Keep trash removed regularly.
  4. Store all food products in sealed, pest proof containers.
  5. Regularly and thoroughly clean even the hard-to-reach places, ensuring all areas to be crumb free.
  6. Perform weekly inspections, looking for any sign of fall invader activity.

Remember that all fall invaders are searching for warm housing, food, and water. Eliminating potential nests, food and water sources will reduce the population