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Fly Populations Around Your Home

Did you know that there are over 1,000,000 species of Flies throughout the world? Flies carry and transmit many different bacteria and help in the spread of several diseases. The typical House Fly carry bacteria from one place to another and can deposit wherever they land.

Here are some ways that you can help alleviate the fly population around your home.

  • Ensure there are no entry points into the home such as: torn screens, open doors, and any other cracks that may allow flies to come in.
  • Picking up after pets. Pet feces in the yard can be a breeding ground for flies, always remember to pick up pet waste and dispose of in sealed containers.
  • Keep the areas around the house drier with no stagnate water. Keep clean pet water bowls as well as clean bird baths. Flies are attracted to moisture and will use those areas as a breeding ground as well.
  • Sanitation throughout the home as well as outside. Putting food away or keeping it covered, and maintaining grounds around fruit trees (fallen fruit) also goes a long way in fly management. Washing out your garbage cans and keeping them sealed will help prevent a breeding site.