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Frost in Coming, Protect your Shrubs, Trees, and Lawns

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There is a chill in the air and that means the frost season is about to hit the Southeast region, including Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Whether you are located in the extreme South or more northern portions of the area, your yard is affected by frost and cooler temperatures. Do you know how to protect your investment? Winter is coming, whether you are ready or not. So be prepared and protect your shrubs, trees, and lawns from the frost season.

Three Ways to Protect your Yard from Frost This Season

Protect Your Investment

Water the Night Before- I know it may sound strange, however, most experts suggest you should water your grass the night before a mild frost and cooler temps to ensure it has proper hydration. The extra water will slow evaporation and can even prevent your lawn from freezing. In addition to watering your lawn before a frost, be sure to water smaller shrubs and outdoor plants around your home.

Bring Your Potted Plants Indoors - As a general rule of thumb, bringing all potted plants inside when temperatures drop below freezing can ensure the plant's livelihood. Even if the plants are located under a cover patio, the temperature drop and frost can still damage the plant. If flowering or tender plants are located outside and cannot be brought inside, covering them with a pot or old fabric blanket is often suggested. Avoid plastic bags or, depending on the type of plant and its relationship to your climate, whether it is tropical, perennial, annual, or hardy shrubs will ultimately determine if the plant can survive to be outdoors in lower winter temperatures.

Know Your Area - While most of the year the climate in Georgia and Alabama is warm, our area does experience cold winter temperatures and a frost season that last well into spring. Knowing what type of plants and shrubs to have around your home and in your garden can help the success of the plants. Our lawn care professionals at Knox Pest Control not only know the area but are apart of the community. Knox Pest Control technicians can provide local advice and treatments to protect your investment and keep your lawn looking it’s best.

Have the Best Lawn on the Block

Did you know Knox Pest Control isn't just a pest and wildlife control service? We offer year-round lawn services in Georgia and Alabama, including fertilization, insect and disease control, weed control, and shrub and tree care. Like all of our services, Knox Pest Control guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Let us give you the best lawn on the block, without having to lift a finger.

Contact us to learn more about our special lawn care offer and to schedule your service today.