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How Mice Get into Your Home ... and How to Stop Them

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While a fair few might find mice to be pleasant house pets, most of the general population find them to be an unwanted guest in their homes. Pests that not only bring in germs and get into food, but leave behind dirty trails. Even those who enjoy mice as pets are likely to agree they are unwanted as free-roaming “guests.”

But if we’re not inviting mice into our homes, how are they getting in?

Mice can break into your home through a variety of small spaces -- an opening can be as small as a nickel. These holes might be in the caulking near your door, a place at the base of your roof or even near your chimney.

Tips for Keeping Mice Out of Your Home

There are a number of tiny steps you might take to help prevent mice from finding your home as desirable as you do. Trimming back trees, keeping shrubs away from the brickwork, and sealing all the tiny holes you can find are ways to be proactive about keeping mice out of your house.

But they are a persistent species, which means they are likely to keep trying. That’s why it’s also important to look to all of the above methods. And when all else fails, seek the help of your trusty rodent repeller, Knox!

Since their introduction into the United States, mice populations have flourished. A single infestation can eat up to 5% of freshly sown seed each evening. While their drive for a free meal is what makes mouse traps such a tried-and-true fashion of catching mice, it also means your pantry is an open invitation for a buffet for a house mouse. While some advise to keep food out of your yard or in a sealed container, such as outdoor pet food, others ask you to take it a step further and ensure that all food in your house is sealed.

But with houses full of teenagers or toddlers, there’s almost a guarantee you won’t be able to ensure all food stays sealed. At least as a long-term solution, this simply isn’t feasible. Plus there are crumbs or snacks left out of place … and a single mouse can find it in their new home.

This means most mice are a rolled-up Cheetos bag away from a good meal. Making their way in through the base of the walls at the crawlspace, these hungry fellows will get in wherever they might be able to make room. Once the pantry has been discovered, mice can become a true nuisance, finding a way to return through whatever means necessary. For this reason, it’s best to make sure of as many preventative measures as you deem appropriate.

Contact Knox For Effective Mice Control

In addition to the above methods are installing chimney caps, masonry work around the crawlspace, and caulking every opening you can find at the base of windows, or in brickwork around the house.

Contact Knox as your control professionals to help you identify areas in your home that might be at risk, and to learn if any entry points already exist.

Get in touch today to learn more!