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How to Prevent Squirrels From Causing Damage to Your Yard or Home

Living in the Southeastern states of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, everyone is well aware of
the squirrel population. There is not a single day that passes you do not see one of these
hyperactive rodents scampering around the yard. Whether they are gathering food or seemingly
just running off energy, they are common fare within the South.
According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources: Wildlife Resources Division , there
are two popular squirrel breeds located in this area: the grey squirrel and the fox squirrel. These
two native squirrel breeds find hardwood and oak tree forest and wooded areas a favorite
habitat, which is also the traditional landscape of the Southeast.
While squirrels are common in this area, they have an uncommon ability to cause havoc and
destruction to your yard and home. Grey and fox squirrels diet consist of mostly nuts, seeds,
plants, with small amounts of animal and insect matter. Often squirrels will dig for fallen tree
nuts leaving behind little holes throughout your yard and destroying landscaped areas.
Additionally, attics in homes are a favorite refuge for these pesky rodents.
Here are several tips on keeping squirrels away from your yard and home.

Tips on Squirrel Prevention Indoors
● Trimming back tree branches that come in contact with the roof of your home can help
prevent squirrels from having a direct highway to your home and attic space.
● Patching up small holes or cracks can also keep squirrels from entering into your home.
Placing screens over your chimney can also prevent simply entry into your home.
● If by chance squirrels do make their way inside, call an expert wildlife control
professional. Squirrels have been known to have harmful parasites and usually travel in
groups. Yikes!

Tips on Squirrel Prevention Outdoors
● Keep bird food and livestock feed in tightly sealed containers. Squirrels are known to
steal food from all sorts of outside areas.
● By placing “squirrel proofing” items like metal cones around bird feeders, you can try to
prevent squirrels from eating all the birdseed. They might leave in looking for new
sources of food, too.
● Popular places squirrels like to feed are bird feeders, flowering plants, storage feed
sheds, gardens, and dog bowls. Just like other animals, if a squirrel has a steady food
supply it will stay near the source.

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