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How Winter Weather Affects Insects in Your Home

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Winter in the South can vary day to day, but as the temperatures drop you may have unwanted guest entering your home. Your home is seen as a safe haven to insects in the winter. This sweeping intrusion affects all aspects of your interior as well as the exterior of your home. No homeowner wants creepy crawlers inside as they may carry harmful diseases, cause serious bites, and generally compromises the health of your house.

Insects tend to seek shelter from the cold starting in late fall and lasting through early spring. Do you know the types of bugs you may see in your home this winter? More importantly, do you how to prevent them from trying to enter your home?  

Insects You May Notice in Your Home and Tips to Prevent

Here are a few of the insects you might see more of this winter in your home and tips to prevent them.

  • Ants - Ants in the South are everywhere! They can sneak into your home through many different avenues, however, keeping food in tightly sealed and kitchen counters clean can prevent the enticing meal. Additionally, keeping shrubs and tree limbs trimmed from the structure, and a solid exterior pest management preventative service can aid in prevention.
  • Bedbugs - According to the Daily Press, bedbugs can be a nuisance affecting your home in winter due to the holiday season and increase travel. Just as in summer months, the winter months are peak travel times. Bedbugs are known to hitch a ride on all sorts of items and enter your home (not just beds). By washing all your items from traveling and thoroughly inspecting luggage you can greatly reduce your risk of bedbugs entering your home.
  • Termites - While most individuals think all insects are dormant in the colder months, termites and many others are active all year round. Termites like other insects hide out under the soil and, in some cases, inside your home and are not greatly affected by the temperature change going on outside. Termite damage is one of the most costly pest control issues affecting homeowners. Annual termite damage to homes, businesses, and other structures cost billions to homeowners.

Trust Knox Pest Control

Whether you are experiencing a surge of insects inside your home this winter or just want to prevent additional pests in the future call Knox Pest Control. We at Knox Pest Control provide services in pest control, termite control, bed bug control, wildlife services, and lawn treatments.

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