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Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal Moths are the most common food infesting moth found throughout homes. They feed upon grain, dried fruits, seeds, crackers, nuts, and various other grain based products. Adult moths are easily identified by the colorings of which the front portion will be tannish in color and the remaining will have a copper reddish color. Larvae do all the damage the adult moth live only about two weeks and do not feed.


Larvae will leave the food source and spin a cocoon and pupate. During this stage they are typically noticed in the pantry or kitchen areas do to the cocoons. The adult moth will fly at night or when disturbed during the day. They prefer to rest in dark areas during the day.


As always the key to proper control will be the identification of the insect. Infested food items must be located and removed from the home. Infestations are not just limited to the kitchen areas and a thorough inspection of the entire structure is recommended. 

Call to have a local inspector provide a custom tailored program to fit your needs.