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Keep Your Yard Leaf-Free to Minimize Insect Activity

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Did you know that insects can take harbor in foliage in your yard? From leaves, to sticks, to pecans and other productive produce, pests find a home in and under these items all autumn long. It's also one of their biggest sources of food. That's right, those very same pretty, crunchable leaves that just happen to fall on your lawn are the very thing allowing pests to thrive hidden and unseen.

Think about how many times to jumped into those piles as kids and how many critters must have been hiding! Yikes!


Why Do Pests Find Shelter in Leaves?


First things first, why do insects love leaves? As temperatures get cooler, they are looking for shelter from rain and cold. Enter leaves. The leaves also provide a source of nutrition so bugs have a plentiful food source that continues to fall from the sky!

Fall leaves are an insect's ideal shelter, allowing them to hide, stay safe, and of course, get the food that they need in order to make it through the winter.


Lower Insect Populations With Proper Yard Maintenance


The good news is that by getting rid of leaves or keeping them to a minimum, you can help control the insect population around your home or office.

Help reduce leaves around your house with:

Regular Raking – Sure this sound simple enough, but it's also effective. The key is to collect and bag leaves before they have a chance to spread out or blow back into your yard. You can even check into biodegradable bags or hauling leaves to an outdoor location if preferred.

Leave Blowing – Another way to keep leaves away from your home is with the use of a leaf blower. This is also ideal if you're still expecting many leaves to fall and aren't ready to perform a complete yard overhaul. Just plug in and whirrrrr that foliage away from your house!

Mowing – While mowing your leaves into a tiny mulch won't get rid of them completely, it does change their form and provide less shelter for bugs. Then again, you can use a mower that bags and collects leaves so that the picking up part is left to a minimum.

Hiring a Pro – Ask a local landscape company to help keep your leaves under control. Whether they come once a season or weekly is up to you and your preference for keeping your yard in check. However, it can ease the burden of yard work while still providing peace of mind that bugs aren't hiding out below.


Regular Pest Checks Can Help, Too


Of course, if you're worried about leaves or pests in general, it's a good idea to call on the pros. At Knox Pest Control we can provide a custom inspection of your home (indoors and out) to give you a better understanding of what pests are present and how you can keep them at bay. This can include professional services, of course, as well as tips and tricks … just like doing away with leaves!

To learn more about fall pest inspections, give us a call!