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Key points to Termites

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Key points of Termites

        Termites are and can be a devastating word to homeowners, resulting in costly repairs from damage that may have gone on for many years hidden away. Performing a DIY treatment to your home can lead to other issues and if you suspect you have an issue we recommend calling in a professional. Your home is typically one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime and should be protected.

To protect your home better we have compiled a small list of things you can do to help:

  • Prevention is always the key so eliminating items that contain cellulose material from the exterior of your home. Items such as Limbs, firewood, and stumps. Termites are randomly foraging looking for food so let’s not give them an easy meal.
  • Moisture issues need to be eliminated as well. Roof Leaks, window leaks, etc. can greatly contribute to termite activity. Keeping water from the homes foundation/crawl space with proper drainage, ventilation (crawl space), and irrigations set up (sprinklers not directed at the structure) is also important.

The National Pest Management Association states that over $5 billion in property damage occur annually not including the cost of the treatments. With Spring around the corner if you do not have Termite protection then Knox Pest Control always recommends getting your home inspected.  Let the professionals take a look and with all the variables that go into termite control and prevention    (foundation types, treatment methods, environmental concerns, and product handling) think twice about that DIY treatment.


Here at Knox Pest Control we provide inspections on a routine basis, whether it is for an active termite infestation or simply for peace of mind. We offer a multitude of treatment options such as liquid applications, baiting applications, and preventative treatments. Contact us today and let us design a custom program to protect your home or business.