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Little-Known Damage Caused by the Paper Wasp

Little-Known Damage Caused by the Paper Wasp (AKA Yellow Jacket)

While the yellow and black markings may scare some people away from the paper wasp, they
are actually relatively low on the scale of harmful damages to homes and humans. Commonly
known as the mascot of Georgia Tech, the Yellow Jacket or paper wasp is regularly seen in the
South. Here are questions often asked and what you need to know about paper wasp.

Are Paper Wasps Dangerous?

The easiest answer is: sometimes. They can be found throughout the Southeast and are most
active in the warmer months. Often paper wasps are only dangerous to humans because we
have invaded their nest area.
Usually found in the eves of doorways, attics, and other small discreet corner locations paper
wasp will only strike if they believe their territory is being harmed. While its best to keep the
nests cleared from your home, especially if you have small children or pets, they don't usually
cause danger, but rather they are a nuisance.

What Damages Are Caused by Paper Wasps?

Often paper wasp will scrap wood from homes and other structures to build their nest. In the
most extreme cases, they have been known to eat through drywall to seek warmth and refuge.
Most paper wasps, excluding the young queens, die off in the colder winter months. According
to Clemson University's Life Science Department , the queens in paper wasp colonies only
survive winter because of nesting in small crevices and under tree logs. Once the cooler
temperatures are over several remaining queens will start a new colony with each other. Crazy

How To Prevent Paper Wasps

While completely preventing yellow jackets or paper wasps is difficult, removing their nesting
areas and hiding spots is an easy task. The first step is to give Knox Pest Control a call for a
home inspection. A highly trained technician can give your home a once over and locate any
areas of concern.

Next, if you are unsure of whether the wasp nest is active or one left behind do not touch. Let
the professionals help!

Lastly, keep pets and small children away from paper wasps and their nests. Trimming back
shrubs and plants surrounding your home can also prevent further nesting spots and reduce
your risk of finding paper wasp (yellow jackets) outside your home.