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Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests in the southeast. As summer is in full swing, and many want to enjoy the outdoors we must understand what they can do to our lives.

No one wants to deal with itchy large bumps and irritated skin caused by these pesky insects. Its there you start to question why they are around your home and yard in the first place.

We have mosquitos because their natural habitat is the warm and humid areas that we live in. Some of the most common mosquito breeding grounds include:

  • Standing water
  • Drains and culverts
  • Unkept yard and high vegetation
  • Potted plants and pet bowls
  • Low lying areas that maintain moisture
  • Employee break areas


The problems with mosquitoes other than they ruin your outdoor activities; they also carry many diseases like West Nile, Zika and even Malaria along with a few others.  Ask yourself who is at risk from a mosquito borne disease; elderly, children, you, me, and our beloved pets.


What can you do to protect your loved ones and your pets from these pesky invaders?

Tip it and flip it. Keep stagnant water away from your home. This can be a prime breeding area. Emptying and keeping fresh water in pets bowl and even potted plants will help eliminate a breeding ground.

Call the professionals at Knox Pest Control and let us tailor a program that will fit the needs of your home or business. We are here for you to provide an inspection of your property providing early protection all the way to quick removal of these nasty pests. We can develop a treatment plan for any situation utilizing adulticides and larvicides to ensure you have a complete program to keep these nasty pests away.