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The Perks of Winterizing Your Lawn for Fall

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Did you know winterizing your lawn for fall could save you time and money come spring? The term “winterizing” simply means preparing your lawn and especially the roots for cold temps. All the while giving the grass the nutrients needed for regrowth once it warms back up.

As the temperatures are starting to drop in the Southern states, is your yard prepared?

Essential Fall Lawn Care

Here are several perks of winterizing your lawn for fall and winter.

  • Strong Lawn Regrowth - In the cooler seasons, your lawn begins to transfer nutrients from the leaves (blades of grass) to the roots underground. This is an automatic response that plants have toward cooler temperatures and it allows regrowth in the once temperatures warm up. By having a professional lawn care service winterize your lawn, you can have peace of mind and know that the job is well done.
  • Year-Round Lawn Care - At Knox Pest Control, we are not just a pest control service but so much more. We provide quality year-round lawn care treatments in the following locations: Columbus, GA, LaGrange, GA, Montgomery, AL, and Auburn, AL. Have a healthy lawn all year long without the trouble of doing it yourself. Knox lawn services include fertilization, insect and disease control, weed control, and shrub and tree care. The trained lawn care experts will create an individual plan for your specific yard and provide solutions for what treatments are appropriate.
  • Best Yard on the Block - Once the frost is gone and the warm spring temps return, your yard will be bursting with lush green grass. For the overall maintenance of your yard and upkeep of your home, winterizing the lawn is crucial. You do not want to be the only neighbor that has a brown yard come spring!

Cleaning out garden beds, planters, and cutting back shrubs are additional steps to prepare for the cooler seasons. As insects and other pests can seek refuge under the brush and cause damage to your lawn.

Trust Knox for Your Pest Control Services

Service the Southeast has trusted for 85 years, Knox Pest Control is a name you can trust. Whether you are located in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, there is a trained Knox technician in your area. Customer satisfaction always guaranteed at Knox Pest Control. We also provide full-service termite control, pest control, lawn care treatments, and wildlife prevention you can depend on and trust to keep your family safe.

Contact us to learn more about our special offers and to schedule your lawn care services today.