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Sawtoothed grain beetles can be a major pest of candy

Sawtoothed grain beetles can be a major pest of candy, dried fruits and many different types of nuts. The adults are brown and very small and have a flattened body with six sawtoothed projections running down each side. The adults lay eggs on food and the larvae usually will appear in a few days. This larvae is what typically will be found feeding on candy, fruits, nuts and many times inside the packaging of the products.


Carefully inspect all incoming candies, dried fruits, nuts and other similar items and look for beetles, larvae, and damaged product. Proper sanitation is the key to keeping the beetles out of your home. When cleaning, pay extra attention to the small crevices and corners where food crumbs may accumulate as this can still be a food source for them.

If you locate a potential issue save it in an air tight container and call your local Knox Pest  Control office to properly identify and create a necessary treatment program.

If an infestation is found, take the following precautions to control the spread of beetle activity:

  •  Remove all infested product from the home.
  •  Thoroughly vacuum all cracks and crevices in the areas where the beetles were found. Pay extra attention to areas under equipment and cabinetry where food debris may have fallen. (Remove the vacuum bag and discard off site.) 
  •  Wipe down all prep surfaces and counters to eliminate any food debris.
  •  Inspect all products similar to those where the beetles were found.