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Summer Pests Are Lingering this Season Part 1

East Coast Experiencing High Numbers of Mosquitos
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As we near into the end of summer, many locations are still experiencing a high number of mosquitos. This is true not only in Knox's region of Southern states (where mosquitos are often prominent), but into northern sections of the East Coast.

While this phenomenon of high numbers of mosquitos is rare, it's not unheard of, especially in times of heavy rainfall. Due to above-average levels of precipitation in recent months, areas along almost the entire East Coast are seeing high numbers of mosquitos. In fact, pest control professionals have reported numbers that are two or even three-times the average level of mosquitos. Yikes!

How to Prevent Mosquito Population Growth Near Your Home

In order to keep as many mosquitos at bay as possible, remove any and all standing water near your home. After a rainstorm, check your yard to make sure there are no buckets or containers that have filled with water. This is a prime location for mosquitos to lay their eggs and greatly increase a local mosquito population.

Next, keep your yard trimmed and tidy. Shorter grass allows you to easier maintain bugs, including mosquitos.

Finally, call on the experts for help! When traditional methods like bug spray or scented candles are no longer keeping the bugs away, give Knox a call for personalized recommendations, pricing options that meet your needs, and customized solutions.

The Dangers of Mosquitos

In recent years Zika has made a splash among news sources. It's a mosquito-carried illness that still holds prominent dangers today. It's not the only disease carried by mosquitos, however. West Nile, yellow fever, and malaria are all spread through mosquito bites, though they are more common outside of the U.S.

Bites are itchy and unsightly, and no one wants swarms of biting bugs living near their home or office. By preventing mosquitos from taking up near your residence, you can help prevent these dangers and nuisances before they become a problem.

To learn more about mosquito prevention near your home, call us today.