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Summer Pests Are Lingering this Season Part 2

Southern Bugs Are Thriving in Summer Months
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While it's no secret that pests like bugs and other critters thrive during summer months, it might be less known as to why. These hot months are most common for pests of all sizes to become a nuisance, but what is it about hot, humid, and long days that allow them to survive and grow their populations?

We might actually think aspects like heat or a lack of breathable temperatures might harm bugs. Yet, year after year, summer proves to be their most active months of all.

Why Bugs Thrive in Summer Months

Pests like ants, mosquitos, termites, and more are able to grow steadily in the heat. One reason they do so is from an increase in moisture. As more rain falls during this time, bugs nest and re-populate in the process. Their numbers often spike this time of year, leaving homeowners to deal with an excess of pests, and their symptoms (bites, property damage, and more).

Another reason bugs do so well in the heat is from an increase in food. Plants, other bugs, and more, all act as a viable food source. And where there's food, there's survival. Pests essentially have a feast waiting for them, any time of day. These food sources allow them to become healthier, stronger, and to increase their numbers.

Next, with longer hours of daylight, bugs are able to be more active, more hours of the day. Many sleep only in hours of darkness, which gives them more time to roam, fuel up, and reproduce.

Surprising Stats About Pests

Take a look at just how active these household pests can be.

95% of homeowners have had issues with ants in the last year
Mosquitos are responsible for 800,000 deaths each year, that's more than any other animal
Horse flies have been recorded at flying up to 90 MPH
The dung beetle can pull more than 1,100 times its own weight

How to Protect Your Home From Pests

Your first instinct might be to eliminate bugs through any means possible. However, it's important to look at the habits and lifestyles of each species in order to create a home that's bug-free.

Give us a call to create a plan that's effective and works long-term, no matter what types of pests are frequenting your home.

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