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Summer Pests Are Lingering this Season Part 3

Bed Bugs on the Rise with Heat
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For years we've been hearing about the dangers of bed bugs and how they've made a comeback among dense populations. You might have even dealt with them yourself. (Ugh!) But what's often overlooked is the reason for bedbugs' rise to power.

How did they become so prominent? And why are they still taking root?

Tiny, yet mighty, what's causing bed bugs to increase in numbers? Why are they thriving in dense populations? And how do you put a stop to them from invading your space, once and for all?

Bed Bugs Thrive in Summer Months and Travel

One of the biggest reasons bed bugs make it through summer months is everyone's immanent plans for vacation. With warm weather, people will travel. Not only is it a social norm, it's plain convenient with time off of school and work.

In the meantime, bugs are able to reproduce quickly and hide within luggage, hitching a ride to your next stop. Here they spread out and start an entire new population. With plenty of nourishment to go around (your flesh, ahhh!), more bugs survive, and therefore, they continue to reproduce.

It's a vicious cycle!

Ultimately it's bad bug climate or bug control (like Knox!) that keeps these pesky critters at bay and rids your home of their presence.

But what's unique to bed bugs is their ability to latch on and travel between locations. By hiding within seams and being still, bed bugs can hitch a ride without you even realizing it. They are small and dark in color, meaning they can easily tuck in and hide away for the long haul.

Often times you don't realize until it's too late and you've ended up with bites. Bed bugs also hide during the day, so unless you know what to look for – or end up with perpetual itching marks – you are unaware that they've followed you home.

How to Rid Yourself of Bed Bugs

If you have spotted signs of bed bugs or suspect they are hiding within, give us a call. (Especially after a recent trip.) First we will do an initial inspection. Based on our findings we will determine the next best moves going forward, such as treatment options, regular vacuuming, and more.

Once you have had a pest inspection done, you will have a better understanding of your bed bug issue and how you can rid your home of the critters. Even in the summer heat.

Contact us to learn more!