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"Nothing Happens Until a Sale Is Made" (Columbus and the Valley)

This is a sales success story — one I can’t wait to tell. It needs be told because the sales transaction is at the epicenter of what keeps our world on its axis. That spark, sizzling on dry tinder, catches up and a nice little fire just happens right in front of your face. The sales guy knows exactly what to say. He’s sharp. He’s got kind eyes and gets a meaningful conversation underway without delay. His time is valuable and he acknowledges that ours is, too.

This was a perfectly executed three-minute cold call. During my career I’ve made so many of those kinds of calls and they are mighty difficult — unless you’re Rod Spain. Rod is an account executive at Knox Pest Control, a new Columbus and the Valley advertiser.

Rod had just a few moments to get me and I’m not an easy get. Ask Jill or anyone else at 214 10th Street. I apparently have a sold case of Resting Bitch Face. That, and a sharp dismissal of a different, much less well-executed cold call have been witnessed by most of my office mates. Sometimes it is abrupt, but I figure that’s better than dancing around when the thing isn’t going to go anywhere anyway.

Then came Rod.

He said just the right things. I’ll admit I provided moist, dark soil on which a seed could land, but he was smart to recognize a glimmer of need in my eyes. In an instant, he was back in my office, sitting in a chair opposite my desk and my chair. In short order, he determined that I am related by marriage to my brother-in-law, Marshall Myers, and I felt like we made a professional connection. He has a great gift and the cool thing is that gift springs from his goodness. I like to be around people who have a light that comes from somewhere down deep. Those people are rare.

We have commercial real estate in downtown Columbus and it is my responsibility to keep it running by handling leases, rent payments and arranging for repairs and maintenance on buildings and landscapes. Termite inspections and treatments are part of that, and Rod Spain sells termite services for a local company. Not only did I get a fair price for the services that would be rendered, we were able to do business with a locally-owned company and we got to meet Rod Spain.

Once we signed the agreement, Rod gave us a clear outline of his timeline for the services they’d provide. He communicated with me often and Knox showed up on time and got it done. I left that sales experience with a sense that good business was done and I got a bonus by an inspiring salesman.

We’re in the middle of a financial transaction that involves a piece of property we own in Phenix City and we need a termite letter on that property as a part of the transaction. Guess who I called? Yep.

Rod doesn’t handle Phenix City accounts, so he passed me off to the right guy. The right guy didn’t call me, and several days later I reached back out to Rod, because I know him to be laser focused on my experience as a customer of Knox Pest Control. “I will make sure this gets done,” he said. I reminded him of my extremely short deadline and he came by our office today with the results of his inspection, less than 24 hours after he made his commitment to get the job done.

Turns out we have a small issue that needs attention and Rod has made another promise to get it done within our time constraints. Rod, I hope you get the chance to read this. Your commitment to excellence in your chosen profession and the stellar representation of your employer have secured my future loyalty to Knox Pest Control.

Nothing happens until a sale is made.

By Mike Venable.

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