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Termites, They’re Trickier Than you Think!

If you haven’t experienced termite damage first-hand, you might not realize just how detrimental they can become. In a single location, these little guys can (literally) eat away at your home, spreading into larger distances as they’re colony grows. And they grow fast! Over time, this can lead to structure damage, boards that need to be replaced, and an endless amount of headaches. After all, checking and repairing termite damage can be tedious work.

What can be even more unnerving about these buggers, however, is that they work underground and hidden in areas such as wall voids. Meaning, more often than not, folks don’t even know when they’ve hit. That is, until the damage is noticeable, and therefore, fairly extreme. Unlike above-ground pests (mice, ants, etc.), they can actually attack your home for months before being detected. That means they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage at a time, The same goes for out building, garages, or anything else that provides a feasty cellulose meal.

However, this is also why it’s better to avoid such damage in the first place. With proper inspections and a plan to keep termites away, you can gain peace of mind.  

Steps Toward Termite Prevention

If you haven’t already had an inspection (or one that’s current), it’s time to schedule one for your home. Call Knox at 877-Knox Pest to schedule a no-obligation inspection.

Knox is here to examine and help configure a plan – whether you have no damage, are starting to see initial signs of termites, or have a catastrophe on your hands. The first step is evaluating your home and initiating the control methods needed for protection.

If you already have termite activity, we’ll help create a custom plan to address the concern as quickly as possible. Or, if your home is still pest-free, we can create a preventative plan that will help keep it that way round-the-clock.

It’s always a good time to check for termites. (Especially after last summer’s hot bed for termite activity.) However, if you’ve heard about nearby outbreaks or instances at a neighbor’s, etc., it’s especially important to take action.

Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Home

  1. Control moisture: Termites need moisture to survive, and will seek it out. Fixing or adjusting leaky gutters, dripping spots, roof leaks, sprinklers that are improperly aimed, poor drainage or ventilation, etc. can help in controlling termites in your home.
  2. Wood-to-ground contact: Removing contact between the ground and wood from your home (including wood stacked around the foundation) can keep termites from setting up within your home.
  3. Call a licensed professional: We can help get your home under a termite protection plan that will include proper inspection and treatment.

About 600,000 homes are hit by termites every single year, don’t let your house be another unfortunate stat.

Get in touch with Knox today to schedule your custom termite inspection and to learn more about treatment options.