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Sometimes called “silent destroyers,” termites may leave few signs of activity as the steadily consume wood and...Read more


Physical Characteristics Ticks are blood-sucking parasites of mammals, birds, and reptiles and are related to mites...Read more


Wasps make up an enormously diverse array of insects, with some 30,000 identified species. We are most familiar with...Read more
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There are 20 varieties of armadillos with all but one living in Latin America. The familiar nine-banded armadillo is...Read more


Bats are nature's pest control guy. These animals can help keep your pest population down; however, these little guys...Read more
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There are more than 60 different species of opossum , which are often called possums. The most notable is the Virginia...Read more
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Raccoons are a familiar sight just about everywhere you go. Because they will eat just about anything we see them...Read more

Rats & Mice

For self-defense, rats are nocturnal and become active after a premises has become quiet, or about one 1/2 hour after...Read more
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Squirrels are familiar to almost everyone. More than 200 squirrel species live all over the world, with the exception...Read more
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Most snakes indigenous to the United States are not poisonous. The exceptions are copperheads, coral snakes,...Read more