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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite Tonight!

Trying to get a good night’s rest is next to impossible when you’re sharing your most sacred space with bed bugs. Don’t settle for a bed bug infested home—let the experts at Knox Pest Control get rid of these pesky bugs and restore your peace of mind in no time!

The Best Bed Bug Control in the Southeast

The first step to solving any bug problem is proper identification. While your best bet is to call a professional to inspect your home, there are warning signs of bed bugs that you should keep an eye out for. With thin, brown, oval-shaped bodies, these blood-sucking insects can be hard to see with the naked eye. They hide during the day and feed at night, biting exposed skin and leaving uncomfortable red, itchy spots. They can commonly be found:

  • In mattresses, box springs, and bed frames
  • On cloth furniture or bedding
  • Around and under edge of carpet
  • Behind pictures and wall hangings
  • Within switch plates and outlets
  • On clothing, linens, and in drawers

Have You Noticed These Signs of Bed Bugs?

The first step to eliminate a bed bug problem is to properly identify the infestation. Bed bugs can often be mistaken for ticks or fleas, so you want to be sure you know what you’re up against in order to choose the best treatment method. If you suspect you may have a bed bug infestation, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Small blood or fecal stains on your sheets and bedding
  • A musty, unusual odor coming from the infected area
  • Small bites on the upper body including neck, arms, and shoulders

Give our office a call today and one of our bed bug experts can be at your home in no time to inspect the infected areas and create the most effective treatment plan possible! Covering Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, our team of bed bug exterminators are experts, servicing dozens of cities, including:

We Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Heat

Bed bugs may seem like resilient creatures when you’re struggling to kill them with DIY treatments, but they’re no match for our heat method! While chemical treatments can leave opportunities for bed bugs to escape, heat treatments can permeate even the smallest cracks and crevices of your room, leaving no hiding place untreated. From eggs to full-grown bugs, our heat treatments target bed bugs at all stages of life. When you partner with Knox for your bed bug treatment, you can expect:

  • One of our friendly, knowledgeable exterminators will inspect your home to identify the infestation, making sure it’s bed bugs that we’re up against.
  • From there, we’ll raise the infected areas to a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs and their eggs, but safe for your home.
  • In most cases, we’re able to eliminate the entire infestation in just one heat treatment, meaning you can be back in bed the very same night!
  • The best part? In most cases, you won’t have to replace bedding or furniture, so you can save more money in the long-run!
  • What’s more, we back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if bed bugs persist within 30 days, we will re-treat your home at no additional cost.

Super Fast Service for Quick Relief

Here at Knox Pest Control, we pride ourselves on not only offering the most effective bed bug treatments, but backing it up with an unmatched level of customer service. In everything we do, our end goal is your happiness and peace of mind, which is why we are pleased to offer same and next-day services to restore the comfort of your home as soon as possible. We understand you don’t want to have to wait long for relief when you have a bed bug infestation, and with Knox on the case, you won’t have to.

Ready to sleep in peace once again?

Contact us today for relief!