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Are bugs, termites, and wildlife making you uncomfortable in your own home? Book an appointment today! With over 80 years of experience in the industry, there's no better choice for pest control in Jacksonville.

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Pest Control in Jacksonville

Anyone who has lived in Jacksonville, Florida knows how much this diverse city has to offer, between the acres of natural parks, the upscale museums, the range of athletic teams, and not to mention, the 1,100+ miles of beautiful beaches! Knox Pest Control is proud to serve our neighbors in the Jacksonville area. Our client-focused pest and wildlife control service in Jacksonville makes America’s largest city feel a little more personal! Regardless of if you need help with pests, wildlife, or termites, you can count on us for all of your Jacksonville pest control needs.

We'll Kick Pests To The Curb Today

Finding unexpected invaders in your home is distressing. When pests crawl into your personal space, you want them out as soon as possible. Our professional exterminators in Jacksonville have the training and the experience to determine the best treatment plan to evict any current bugs, as well as prevent them from coming back in the future. If you’re looking for the best pest control in Jacksonville, look no further!

We provide the following pest control services in Jacksonville, Florida:

We'll Make Pests a Thing of the Past

With Knox as your go-to pest control in Jacksonville, you’re always guaranteed a pleasant experience with one of our knowledgeable and professional exterminators. When you partner with us, we will: 

  • Conduct a diligent inspection of your home, locating problem areas as well as likely entry and exit points of pests.
  • Create an effective pest treatment plan to rid your home of every last pest, and puts preventative measures in place to keep them from coming back.
  • Use transparent communication during the entire process about findings and suggested course of action.
  • Present helpful tips from the experts on the most efficient methods for keeping pests out of your home.
  • Return to treat your home on a regular basis to ensure pests stay outside where they belong!

When you choose to partner with us, you’re choosing nothing but the best service available. Each member of our team is a state-certified exterminator, but also receives continuous education and training. Our exterminators go beyond expectations to help out in whatever way they can. We’re proud to be a family-owned business and we pride ourselves on treating each customer like a member of our Knox Pest Control family!

Worried Your Home Has Termites?

Are you concerned that your home is falling victim to a termite infestation? Are you interested in taking preventative action? Regardless of the circumstance, let us help protect your home with our professional termite control in Jacksonville! If left untreated, termites will devastate the foundation of your home, causing thousands of dollars in repairs. Let the experts at Knox safeguard your biggest investment by using the best methods in the industry!

Termite Protection For Your Home

Our termite services in Jacksonville start with an attentive inspection of your home to identify problems and determine the best method of treatment. Once inspected, our exterminators utilize Sentricon bait stations and liquid treatments to protect your home now and for the future. What's more, if you're still seeing termites after we treat, simply give us a call and we'll re-treat your home, free of charge! When you need termite control in Jacksonville, trust the company that won't let you down.

Keep Your Family Safe From Wildlife

While we all enjoy observing wildlife from afar, stumbling upon critters in your home is just unsettling! Although they may not seem like a threat in the moment, raccoons, rodents, squirrels, and other woodland mammals are extremely unsanitary. Besides potentially spreading diseases and parasites to your family, wildlife can also be detrimental to your home’s electrical wiring and drywall. If you come across any wildlife living in your great indoors, our expert wildlife removal service in Jacksonville removes them quickly, humanely, and permanently.

Our wildlife removal services in Jacksonville include:

  • An extensive inspection from a seasoned technician
  • A humane course of action for eliminating wildlife from your home
  • A follow-up consultation to ensure all wildlife has been removed 
  • Transparent communication with your exterminator

With Knox Pest Control on the case, removing wildlife from your home has never been easier! Keep your family safe from potential disease and harm and let us handle your wildlife control in Jacksonville.

Same-Day Service & Free Re-Treatments

Feeling uncomfortable or unsafe at home is a homeowner’s nightmare. Here at Knox Pest Control in Jacksonville, making the most of your time and money is one of our top priorities. You can rely on us to meet and surpass your expectations with our devoted customer service and proven pest control treatments. Knox is pleased to provide our customers with:

  • Same and next-day services
  • A 100% guarantee--if problems continue, we’ll re-treat your property for free!
  • Customer-focused service that goes the extra mile.
  • A one-stop shop for pest and wildlife control!

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

We’re so confident that you will be satisfied with the results of our services that we back all of our pest control services in Jacksonville with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. What does that mean? If you aren't happy with our results, simply give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to resolve the issue at hand!

Take back your home from pests and wildlife!

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